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HRToolbench Organizational Charts Deliver Richer Data for Better Talent Management
07 November 2012

PROVIDENCE, RI, November 7, 2011 – HR Technology Solutions, Inc., developer of HRToolbench®, a highly integrated talent management software solution, today announced a powerful new way to view organization charts that instantly provides HR professionals and managers with detailed employee information to accelerate the talent review and workforce planning process.

Unlike other solutions, the HRToolbench product is a fully integrated system that pulls relevant, diverse and actionable information from its suite of HR  modules. An employee’s personal talent profile report is viewable in the reporting chain by the employee’s supervisor, manager, senior leader, and HR business partner by simply clicking on the employee’s picture from the organization chart.

The Employee Talent Profile provides up-to-date personal background, performance data, and competency levels among other information. The scope of employee information supports rigorous talent review discussions and decision making so that across the organization, top-performing, high-potential and at-risk employees can be easily identified and actions taken quickly to develop and retain critical talent.

By simply clicking on the employee’s picture, decision makers can easily and quickly access:

•  Organization Unit Assignments;

•  Job Title History (including links to the employee’s archived job descriptions);

•  Personal Credentials (Education, Fields of Study, Licenses/Certifications, Foreign Language Fluency, Job Experience);

•  Relocation Preferences;

•  Supervisor’s Confidential Perceptions of the Employee;

•  Performance Evaluation Ratings;

•  Job Competency Assessment Ratings;

•  360 Feedback Responses;

•  Compensation Data (including a Pay Equity Determination and Pay Increase Priority Rating).

And by clicking on individual data elements within the employee’s summary talent profile, underlying detailed information is immediately displayed. 

While many HR talent management software packages today offer photos of employees and graphical user interfaces, only HRToolbench provides the depth and breadth of its entire talent management data infrastructure to ensure that the information delivered is robust enough to drive a powerful talent review and planning process.

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