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A New Talent Management Approach To Drive Business Success
12 September 2012

PROVIDENCE, RI, September 11, 2012 – If talent management is essential for business success, what’s essential for successful talent management?  Robert Levy, senior HR consultant and employment law expert has published a white paper that offers a blueprint for transforming the way HR can help drive business results and contribute to bottom line performance.

Written especially for HR professionals who want to deliver greater value to their organizations, “It Takes More than Technology: How to Build a Strategic Talent Management Culture that Fuels Business Performance” lays out a practical, integrated approach that goes beyond processing employee data, forms and ratings. Levy proposes that a coordinated approach to employee alignment, engagement, measurement, and compensation must be managed within an employee-centric system to deliver on corporate goals.

A Recent Tower Watson Global Workforce Study indicates that 63% of U.S. workers are not sustainably engaged by their companies.  And this low lack of engagement is the reason 32% of current employees are looking to leave their current jobs.*

“This makes it all the more critical that companies begin to engage employees more thoroughly with programs that develop talent, guide performance objectives, and identify and recognize individual contributions that drive organizational success,” said Levy. “A traditional HR transaction processing system won’t meet this goal. What’s needed is a new approach, an employee-centric system.”

“It’s time for both businesses and vendors to take an integrated, process-centric view of talent management and avoid the transactional focus on individual modules,” said Lisa Rowan, IDC's Program Director for HR, Learning, and Talent Management Strategies.  “It is helpful to step back and ask what outcomes are critical to the business process and then identify the best way to support that process.”  

To download the HR Technology Solutions white paper, click here

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*2011 Mercer report reveals that employee engagement is at the lowest level in years, with 32 percent of employees planning to leave their current jobs.