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HRToolbench Offers More Effective Talent Management With New Workforce Engagement Measurement Tool
14 December 2011
PROVIDENCE, RI and MONROE TWP, NJ, December 14, 2011 – HR Technology Solutions, Inc., developer of HRToolbench®, a highly integrated talent management software solution, and Quantisoft, a full-service custom survey company, have developed a customized survey designed to effectively measure the impact that HRToolbench deployment has on employee engagement.

This 32-question survey provides the necessary scope and detail to accurately measure both employee engagement and other closely related factors that impact a business’s bottom-line performance. The survey is intended to be administered at the start of the HRToolbench system rollout to establish a baseline measure of employee engagement that can be periodically tracked. A new client, CPA firm Ridout Barrett, has successfully piloted the new survey.

“The survey provided us with concise, valuable and measurable data regarding what we are doing right and where there is room for improvement,” said Anthony S. Ridout, CPA, president of Ridout Barrett & Co., PC. “The measurements and staff comments allow us to zero in on areas where our management team should focus attention to ensure that we constantly provide our team members with the best work environment and career succession options possible.”

“We are looking forward to the results of a follow-up survey to be administered after we have used HRToolbench for a period of time. HRToolbench provides us a full suite of talent management capabilities and workforce data that will help drive our firm’s financial performance.” 

“Superior organization performance requires an engaged and committed workforce,” said Robert Levy, president of HRTS. “This new survey is an added tool that enables us to provide a complete talent management solution for our clients. The survey effectively measures key employee perceptions, and identifies a company’s workforce risks and vulnerabilities as well as opportunities for improvement.”

“HRToolbench client organizations can use the survey tool not only to set a baseline for employee engagement, but to periodically measure and gauge the impact of new engagement initiatives,” said Howard Deutsch, CEO of Quantisoft, LLC. “For most organizations the level of employee engagement and commitment has a direct impact on bottom-line performance.”

HRToolbench helps organizations to save time and money, and employees to become more productive and profitable. It delivers workforce analytics that provide strategic insights into employee capabilities and performance levels. Workforce talent levels are quantified to help organizations plan employee development, staffing alignment and employee engagement strategies.

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Quantisoft is a full service survey company conducting customized employee satisfaction/engagement, customer satisfaction, IT customer, business risk and other types of surveys for organizations interested in increasing their performance and competitiveness. Its customers include Fortune 500, middle market and small businesses, universities, associations, not-for-profit and other types of organizations across the U.S. and around the world. For more information, please see: