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02 May 2012

How can HR professionals transform themselves from administrators to business partners and elevate their image within the organization? They need to repackage their services, so like the sales department they can demonstrate their value in making ...   Read more...

14 November 2011

The fall season is a traditional time of year for making employee salary increase decisions. HR professionals in mid-size and small organizations face numerous daily challenges and don’t always have the time to compile data ...   Read more...

31 October 2011

“How am I doing?” and “How can I advance my career if I stay with the organization?”  These are common concerns echoed among younger employees who comprise many of today’s companies’ talent pools.  ...   Read more...

26 September 2011
Some organizations are successful at sharing performance feedback that is attributed to named feedback providers, while others make such feedback anonymous.  

Arguments for treating individual performance feedback anonymously ...  
20 September 2011
Provide continuous performance feedback and career path planning to your employees.  

Younger generations of employees are openly ambitious and expect rapid professional development.  They thrive on continuous performance ...   Read more...