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07 September 2012

Fair and reasonable compensation motivates and engages employees and is essential to attract and retain a talented workforce.  Yet, many companies struggle implementing an effective “pay for performance” process.

Since ...  

17 August 2012

In my work with HR professionals, I hear that their internal customers -- both managers and employees -- wish they had better performance forms, ones with content customized to better describe an employee’s job.  They are finding that ...   Read more...

22 June 2012

HR professionals work in a complex world of unique functions, tasks and terminology that define the HR discipline: legal compliance, recruiting, records administration, medical insurance, profit sharing, salaries, incentives, training -- ad ...   Read more...

08 June 2012

Job description content that has been aligned with a company’s strategic business plan can be applied and used to communicate consistent messages and performance criteria to employees across multiple talent management processes.  For ...   Read more...

18 May 2012
Understanding a company’s business is a prerequisite for managing talent to achieve business goals, and for HR to function as a strategic consultant to management.

A viable first step in strategic talent management is ...   Read more...